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Bella's empire settles down, grows, expands, produces art and music and designs for interesting lamps. She works doggedly at getting the populations of both planets torchable and the former population that she didn't get to back up and running. She goes on a charming television spot with a little old man who managed to avoid or staggeringly misinterpret every reference to magic and Saturn he ever heard until the other day when his son-in-law put in a request for his wife to come back, and she shows him a few little tricks and then presents him with his wife. (Bella did not just resurrect her on TV. She was prepped a few hours ahead of time.) The Imperial Society puts on annual parties, then shifts to years-divisible-by-five. Bella puts in more bubbles. She and Ripper test out some of these, from the trampoline playground to the slightly less buggy encapsulation of a mock rainforest to the large self-cleaning white room supplied with crayons and paint. (This last is ostensibly intended for children, but so what?)
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Bella keeps her empire humming. Her staff swells; her population booms. Earthlings solicit more and more tweaks here and there until it's nearly as safe and pleasant as Saturn in some places, although the realities of economics, prejudice, and politics mean that Saturn continues to be particularly inviting to certain classes of people. Bella receives Earth's tired, its poor, its huddled masses yearning to breathe free. There are political cartoons with spikes on her halo-crown, a torch in her hand, and her telling Uncle Sam, "Well, someone ought to do your job."

People on the Internet complain that she is technically an absolute monarch who has not, in fact, limited herself with a Constitution of any kind, only posted about what she does and does not expect to want to do on her website. Other people on the Internet point out that she seems to want and not want to do those things just as predicted and that it doesn't really affect anyone's quality of life if she happens to wear a ringcrown while she does it. Still other people point out that even if she wrote up a Constitution and swore to uphold it, this would not, in any way, shape, or form, cut her magical power in such a way that anyone could make a practical objection should she change her mind.

A lot of dead people come back to life. She does not make a particularly big dent, but it's enough to give hope, and the fact that the resurrected immortals don't suffer unusual levels of existential dread or lose their ability to appreciate classical music leave a lot of those who have never died more willing to try immortality.

Time passes. The Empire of Rings is the new normal. She still gets attention, but she's not nearly as memetic anymore. Her spotlight continues to shed spare interest on Ripper and his musical career.
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Being Bella's consort has some perks of reflected fame; by the time Ripper's solo album is done, he has plenty of fans, enough to support a significant tour through even Earthly venues.
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Bella's inbox is very, very full.

She sighs. "J, partition all emails on the subject of the renaissance faire, my date thereto, and Ripper. Drop in ten typical cases for you to learn on."

J obediently empties her inbox of excess email. She reads the ten of them, answers one herself (it's about her willingness to appear at events; the renfaire is not the only place she'd be welcome) and refers the writer to her PR people who schedule her stuff so they can filter such requests. If there are going to be a lot of them, she can't evaluate all the offers herself - although she does add a tick in her schedule for updating her list of things and people she likes and would be particularly happy to appear with.

The other nine have to do with Ripper.

[Hey, you.]
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[Hey guys,] Bella says to Aianon and Ansharil one afternoon, [Sarion free for some catching-up? Been a while.]
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Bella is catching up on emails. It amuses her to agree to play the role of royalty at this random Renaissance faire that had the audacity to ask her if she'd be so kind to guest-star for a day, so she's telling them she'll do it presuming no emergencies come up and they don't give her excessively absurd lines to say.
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[United Nations meetings are boring. What are you up to?]
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Bella is allowing a book to be written about her. She's given plenty of interviews for shorter articles, but at this time she thinks she (and Slipstick thinks she) has the measure of this particular author well enough to expect even a book-length piece to be neither a hatchet job nor an inconvenient exposé. They are having regular meetings, in the journalist's home, talking about what Bella's willing to reveal about magic, the death date prior to which she won't resurrect anyone 'just yet', and the ground rules of Saturn.

Bella's personal life is, for the time being at least, personal. The author asks, but stays shut down when Bella shuts her down.
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[Thanks, everybody,] says Bella, later, to the local Jokers. [That was the best date venue ever.]
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Here is Bella, catching up on her email, trying to come up with a reasonable mathematical approximation of the known abilities of evils versus arrows to guess how many dead people she can bring back with one of the latter, trying to come up with a prioritization scheme for putting her waiting list in order.
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Bella's public facing email address (eor@eor.eor; many of the Bells are following similar protocols to Stella's, for web presence, and in Origin the relevant empire is called the Empire of Rings, after Saturn's feature) gets a lot of mail. Jane used to help with it; without Jane, there is still extremely smart filtering going on, and a program no one has noticed at work yet auto-responds to almost everything with canned but tweakable responses and links to the imperial website.

This still leaves a lot of emails every day she has to deal with herself, although some of them allow her to make gentle adjustments to Jane's program to handle future inquiries of the same kind. The number goes up over time. Slipstick's still on the lookout for a suitable secretary type person to help out. Until then, Bella leans on super-speed.

She has had to address the rumors about being able to raise the dead. It's a frustrating, narrow line to walk, between lying, explaining too much, and getting everyone's hopes up. Currently the FAQ has a section that looks like this:

Can you raise the dead?

Eventually, I'd like to be able to do that for everyone's departed loved ones. I'm working on it as fast as I can, but today all I can deploy are public health measures and, on a smaller scale, immortality, for people who are currently alive.

I heard you were dead and brought yourself back to life / I heard someone else was dead and you brought them back to life!

This is an exaggeration. I'm immortal; if I suffer lethal damage, the thing I do is called 'torching', not 'dying'. The same is true of other people who I've made able to torch.

I want to be able to torch.

There's a waiting list, but this is something I can do. Just fill out the form and my staff will process your application; if everything checks out the current wait time for getting into a torching batch is about four months.

I don't want to torch, but I want to stop aging.

This is also available, but the waiting list is longer; apply here.

Are you sure you can't raise the dead?

I really, really wish I could do that for everyone who asks. I maintain a waiting list of people whose resurrection has been particularly requested so that as soon as I have this capability I'll know who to use it for first.
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Pattern knows what Saturn needs! (There are colonists on it now, so it's not those, anymore.) Saturn needs wildlife. Flora, fauna, things defying classification as either.

[Jane, please relay to Aianon-and-Ansharil. Hey, you guys are good at designing living things, right? Do you think you could invent some cool stuff to live in the uninhabited parts of Saturn? I think it'd be fun, if you wanna help.]
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Bella's mid-conversation with Jane when she cuts out.


Jane... pretty much fails to exist.



Bella goes to the Janepoint, and there's a message for her on the screen, something about lost ansible connection.

Well, shit.

[Queenie, Ghosty, Slipstick?]
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Pattern still doesn't know what her aura does. This is getting annoying. It's not like she's short on stuff to do - she's been writing letters to various heads of state (which appear on their desks or their inboxes by magic or Jane; she wouldn't expect to get through by normal channels) to convince them that she exists and is willing to take immigrants to Saturn and bring back dead people, she's catching up on what her parents and the world have been doing for the last four years, she's chatting through Jane with various other Bells and fielding Downside help requests her share of the time.

But she wants to know what is up with her aura, dangit.

[Hey, Jane, can you ask Stella if I can go visit Eos and talk to her magic seeing guy about my aura? And ask the magic seeing guy if he'd be up for that?]

[Stella says yes,] says Jane after a moment. [And...]
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Pattern has gone through all the worlds that are hooked up to Downside and installed Janepoints and checked for Bells everywhichwhere. There have been no new Bells since Rose, and Rêverie wasn't hooked up to Downside before anyway.

Pattern has returned home, and reintroduced herself to her parents with much weeping and hugging and explanations, and she is sort of living with Charlie again (Renée's Jacksonville place does not have a room set up for her).

But she's also made herself a pretty palace on Titan. She has deliberately not matched the Atlantis or Eos palaces, nor any of the capitol compounds on Aurum. Her palace is a spiral-twist tower of pale lapis lazuli and surrounded by a dense and ivied garden of magically blued plants and water features bubbling up out of kyanite structures. She's apparently picked a theme color and run with it, although not everything is blue (there is trim in white agate framing the windows and the edges of the outer spiral wall, and a stripe of pale jade waterfalling down one side; only the traditionally green parts of her plants have been blued, so the flowers and the resident hummingbirds and butterflies are every color).

This palace (she calls it "Tethys", after an aquatic Titaness) - specifically the open bottom floor, which has more than enough room to host a Bellparty if Pattern is ever called upon to do so even if the peal and its associated escorts quadruple in size - is where everyone will be meeting before descending upon Saturn above/below to enchant it into a habitable colony world.

She conjures up a big whiteboard with the spells she and Sandy have worked out and a division arrangement so no one is enchanting on top of each other, and she tells Jane to tell everyone that she's ready to receive them.
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