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full of new life

Pattern knows what Saturn needs! (There are colonists on it now, so it's not those, anymore.) Saturn needs wildlife. Flora, fauna, things defying classification as either.

[Jane, please relay to Aianon-and-Ansharil. Hey, you guys are good at designing living things, right? Do you think you could invent some cool stuff to live in the uninhabited parts of Saturn? I think it'd be fun, if you wanna help.]
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[We would love to,] says Ansharil.
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So Ansharil teleports outdoors as soon as possible. (He still has not made an effort to change his shape.) And Aianon teleports to Saturn, where he flies around, examining the - you can't really call it a landscape. Windscape, maybe.
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An interesting challenge.

[Is there any particular direction you want to give me about how this world should look, in the end?]
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[Interesting,] he muses. [Of course I will make big toothy things. That is part of the fun.]
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Aianon laughs.

Then he gets to work.

Small things, first - tiny motes of life that float on the winds, soaking up sunlight, like small colourful clumps of dust. Then little birdlike creatures to eat the motes, and flying plants that spread their blue-veined black leaves to catch the sun, and larger birds to eat the smaller birds and the plants. Even the herbivores must hunt; on this planet, nothing stands still.
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[It is my pleasure,] he says cheerfully.

As he continues making creatures, their designs get more fantastical. Here's a fluffy thing like a long-haired bat with four translucent vaned wings, which slurps the nectar from the flying flowers with its long tongue. Here's a lizard with membranes between its limbs like a flying squirrel, that glides on the wind and catches the ubiquitous motes. Here's a flying tree, branches twisting in all directions, that uses sail-like leaves to steer itself higher into the atmosphere and trails its roots beneath it to catch moisture and nutrients. The trees will grow large enough to support tiny non-flying ecosystems of their own; he designs several kinds of creature that have some of their life stages played out entirely in or on the plants, as opposed to the initial designs that gave live birth in the air or laid vaned eggs on the wind.
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But the bond—that is still there.

My love, he says, and reaches out to Sarion with this knowledge.
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Oh beloved. At least we can still speak to each other.
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At least, he agrees. I love you. I miss you.
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And I you. So much.
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She has been gone before. She returned. Perhaps she will return again. In the meantime - show me the things you've been making, beloved.
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So he shows her.

The skies of Saturn are beautiful and full of life.
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It's wonderful. I love you.
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And I you, beloved.